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Clint Rutledge

Follow one man's journey as he sets out to find the greatest horse in all the land.  In his search, he discovers that greatness is not defined by being tall or small, funny or fast.  Instead, it is found when we have the courage and faithfulness to stand out from the crowd and answer the Master's call. 

The Classroom

Clint’s book, The Classroom, isn’t just about a football program – it’s about the virtues and character that truly make a person great. 

Chip Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper


The Classroom is about faith, accountability, and responsibility. It is a blue print of ‘how to’ when it comes to making a difference. 

Mack Brown (National Championship Coach and ESPN Analyst)

Dare To Be Different

Follow the journey of Mike Shelby as he hits rock bottom and then stumbles upon an old notebook from his past that holds a proven secret to success.  Hidden in three simple questions, Mike re-discovers that there are seven traits he must master in order to live the life he is capable of living.  As Mike’s heart changes so does his will to win as a husband, a father, and a team leader in his business…