The Family Plan

Dare To Be Different

Can You Master The Seven Traits of a Winner?

Follow one man's journey as he sets out to find the greatest horse in all the land.  In his search, he discovers that greatness is not defined by being tall or small, funny or fast.  Instead, it is found when we have the courage and faithfulness to stand out from the crowd and answer the Master's call.

Guiding Your Family Through the Rapids of Life

Being a Parent in today's world is challenging to say the least!  

At what age should our kids get a cell phone?  What video games are ok to play or should they play them at all?  What about movies, internet filters, and a world consumed with sex and social media?  How do we protect our kids but still prepare them for this brave new world we are living in?

Parenting today is like guiding a white water rafting trip - there are moments of enjoyment and moments of fear. Just like a good river guide knows how to successfully navigate the rapids ahead in a way that limits the danger, increases the fun, and strengthens self confidence, parents today have an opportunity to do the same things. The Family Plan dives into six of the biggest rapids that parents must guide their children through in today's modern world: genuine faith, effective communication, the internet, social media, a boat load of entertainment options, and all issues related to sexuality. The Family Plan will guide you on how to create a specific, achievable plan to get your children through these challenges and then equip you with the tools you need to do it.

Does the Scoreboard of your life read:  CIRCUMSTANCES – 28   YOU – 7?

Follow the journey of Mike Shelby as he hits rock bottom and then stumbles upon an old notebook from his past that holds a proven secret to success.  Hidden in three simple questions, Mike re-discovers that there are seven traits he must master in order to live the life he is capable of living.  As Mike’s heart changes so does his will to win as a husband, a father, and a team leader in his business…

As you discover the lessons that were the secret behind the success of a Texas High School football dynasty, you will also discover just how relevant those lessons can be for you today…

Former Judson Rocket Football Players will quickly recognize this story as one of their favorites from The Classroom.  Coach Rutledge (Clint's Father) used this story for over 20 years to challenge his players to have the courage to commit to something bigger than themselves.  Clint has adapted the story into his first Children's Book.  Brought to life with beautiful pictures the story teaches a lesson that every kid will remember for year's to come.

The Classroom

Clint's Rutledge's book, "The Classroom" doesn’t fit into a category, it creates one! Rare is the author who effectively communicates both substance and sizzle. He's done some heavy lifting on the leadership front without compromising the need to entertain the reader. He masterfully introduces us to the so called "soft" leadership skills that produce smarter more resilient people. Touchdown!

Spencer Tillman
Author of “Scoring in the Red Zone”
All-American Running Back at Oklahoma
Former NFL Running Back
College Football Analyst for Fox Sports

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